About me

Hey there, I'm Chris O'Grady, the face that's usually behind the camera. I'm a Photographer, Print maker, Adventurer, and Cycling Instructor.

My early years were all about Maths and Physics; I studied Astrophysics, Physics, and Engineering while I was at the University of Sheffield. However it wasn't long before I realised that in my new city of Sheffield I could actually make a business out of what I love: photographing the world, and the people who inhabit it. So like any good teenager my rebellion against the system was my transition from Scientist, to creative professional. For me photography is the perfect blend of science and art. You know when you've found your path, as you catch yourself indulging in it by accident, I've just been fortunate enough to be able to make such indulgence a career.

Other interests include: Music, all things automotive, fine dining, cooking, gaming, running, and shopping for camera gear I probably don't need

"Earth and the life upon it are canvases to brush with light and transform into art"

About COG Photography

COG Photography is largely a one man band: Me, Chris, Hi. I have a few assistants and second shooters that I work with on larger projects, but this is not a big faceless company. Everything I do here is personal, and handcrafted, from meeting me in person for chats about your shoot ideas, to me fulfilling every stage of the process to turn your images into art pieces for your home. So by it's nature everything can be as custom as you like it, just hit me up and I'll be happy to help.

Making stunning imagery and capturing moments is not about having a "big camera", it's the creativity, knowledge and experience of the artist. Expensive cameras are far from magic. We actually only use high end gear so that we can replicate the quality you see from other work, in any situation. I implore you, if you ever have an event, occasion, person, view, or object that you truly value, always remember you are hiring the artist not the camera. So no, unfortunately Uncle Bob with his SLR can't do what a working pro can.

Everyone has passions, moments, and people that define them. The problem being that those special moments are often over before you know it. We all need some form of capture for the things we love. Be that a memory, a painting, or maybe a photograph. However, good luck finding a painter to capture your wedding day. Photography is a unique medium where a single artist can capture fast paced action (unlike painting or sculpture), and where they can arrange and brush with light fast enough to react to events (unlike video or sight). The captures can then be carefully toiled over after the big day, as they miraculously become physical manifestations of time, freezing memories, emotions, and experiences in a way that can last many lifetimes.

"I get to turn moments in time into physical pieces of art. Photography is a special art form"

About my sessions

I offer a lot of services, the list of which can be found in the 'Price Guide' (click here). In this section though, I want to explain specifically how Portraiture and Wedding services work as these are when clients typically request the most help in understanding the process, and it is where COG operates differently to most others

For Weddings, Portraiture, and Pet sessions I offer a full start to finish service, where I take you from initial meeting up to bringing artwork to your home. Here's the breakdown:

  • Enquiry- I receive your ideas about what you're looking for and where you're based
  • Meeting up- We meet up in your home, in a public place, or in my home studio space (central Sheffield), wherever is most convenient
  • (Optional) Follow up meetings- Further discussions for more complex shoots such as Weddings, or help you decide what wall art will fit best with your own space
  • Shoot day- The fun day of photographing
  • Ordering session- We meet up (preferably in my studio) to look at the photographs, choose what we like, and order from my selection of products (both digital and physical products available)
  • Delivery- I bring your beautiful pieces round to your home

So it's typically a 5 step process, there's nothing to pay until you're ordering your products, and no minimum spend or prior commitment. I hate the idea of charging for sessions before you've even seen the photographs, so you only pay with me once you've seen that there's definitely pieces that you want

The exception is with Weddings, due to the complexity, importance, and time commitment of weddings, I have a few package options based around albums, they have no difference in coverage or quality, I just like to know your album plans beforehand so I can shoot with the layout in mind. For more information check out the Pricing page and find the Wedding section