Manual Focussed Uncropped Wildlife Stories of Endcliffe Park, Sheffield

Living in Sheffield I am blessed with it being one of the greenest cities in the world, it is full of parks and this little album was shot over about an hour in Endcliffe Park. As an extra challenge I opted not to crop any images. For the uninitiated; Wildlife is ALWAYS cropped, as birds especially just don't like humans, and as you can't get near them you need a big ass lens. A big as lens will get you close, but usually not close enough, we always want something longer...

I was shooting with a Nikon D750 Full Frame DSLR, with a 35 year old, manual focus Nikkor 400mm f/3.5 + a TC-14B teleconverter, giving a 560mm field of view and a razor thin depth of field.

There are some cute stories here, birds chasing mates, wood pigeons getting intimate and then deciding to separate and hide their heads? Animals are strange, and adorable, as illustrated by the puppy I couldn't resist ending the album with. Enjoy!