Price Guide

Portraiture- Starts at: £0, Typical: £800

You don't pay anything if you don't like any of your photographs, then you can spend as little as £0, but obviously I hope you will love your images and want to invest in some pieces. The typical spend from a family portraiture session starts around £800, for that you can get a 36 page 8" x 10" Album, and a 3 piece canvas wall grouping. The full price list of products will be available at the 'Ordering session'

Wedding- Starts at: £1000, Typical: £2000

I offer 5 Wedding Packages, they all involve the same level of photography, only the included albums effect the prices. I like to know what kind of album you're looking for before the big day, so I can shoot photographs with the layout in mind, this is one of the advantages of hiring a photographer that does every stage of the process in house. I work with 3 different album companies to offer a variety of prices and opulence that all meet COG standards

1. Gimme the Photos!- £1000

All Digital, you will receive 300-500 culled & edited photos in both clean and sharable formats, delivered online within 2 weeks of the Wedding

2. The Clean One- £1500

A clean hardback photo book in a simple storage box, 30cm x 30cm, 36 pages, Photographic paper pages

3. The Show off- £1800

Otherwise known as the GraphiStudio GoBook, in COG spec this is an Italian 30cm x 30cm, 36 thick rigid lay-flat paged (no gutter) beauty. There's a lot of customisation available, and I name this package as such because the GoBook isn't made to live in a wardrobe, the photo covered front sits vertically inside a clear fronted presentation box you display in your home, and are constantly tempted to peek inside. World class print quality. COG Photography is a GraphiStudio approved photographer

4. The Story Teller- £2250

Otherwise known as the GraphiStudio Primo Book, in COG spec this is an Italian 30cm x 30xm, 100 paged book. This is the one for the weddings that have a lot of story to tell, with triple the standard pages of all other albums I offer, similar level of customisability to the Display King, and a premium opaque box. World class print quality. COG Photography is a GraphiStudio approved photographer

5. The Queen- £2750

If you're serious about your albums this is the best of the best, otherwise known as the legendary Queensberry Duo, 30cm x 30cm, 36 super thick, solid, lay-flat pages. Luxurious finishing options and quality that will last many lifetimes. Made in New Zealand, Queensberry are regarded worldwide as the creme de la creme and this particular offering mixes together pages with traditional 3D mattings, with modern lay-flat printed pages, the result is breathtaking. Ultimate print quality. COG Photography is a Queensberry approved photographer

Album Notes: With Packages 2 through 5 you will also receive the digital files of 'Gimme the Photos' delivered either online (2 weeks) or in a complimentary USB drive with your album. Albums 2, 3, and 4 take 3 weeks for your layout to be ready for approval, and 2 weeks after approval, for delivery. 'The Queen' has a more involved ordering process to make sure everything is perfect, typically you should receive your album within 8 weeks of the Wedding. Smaller 'Parent' copies of the main album can be ordered with any package. Extra pages can be added to most album options

All Weddings include up to 16 hours of coverage (normally 9am-1am) and can be extended if needed, I cater food for myself so you don't need to put any pressure on your venue. If during the consultation you sound like you're having a particularly big wedding I might suggest adding a second photographer for better coverage (£400 - 12 hours)

After you've received your images you will be able to order prints or extra albums from my a la carte system, but I'm not going to pre-sell you on any prints until after you've got your images, then if you decide you want a canvas above your fireplace, I'm your man!

Pets- Starts at: £0, Typical: £550

As with standard portraiture, you could spend nothing if you didn't like your photographs, however unlikely! A typical spend from a Pet session would be around £550, for that you can get a digital album on a custom USB device for use online, and a medium sized canvas piece for your home. The full price list of products will be available at the 'Ordering session'

Commercial/Advertising- Half Day Rate: £500, Full Day Rate: £800, Basic usage included

Complimentary initial meeting for all commercial projects. Then on the day me (and possibly my assistant) come to your business and spend time capturing both the normal activity, and mixing in posed environmental portraits. This service starts at £500 for a Half day (8am-12pm) and £800 for each Full day (8am-12pm & 1pm-5pm). These come under commercial usage guidelines where usage and printing rights are purchased separately and vary depending on marketing budget and company size. Included in the rates are basic usage rights to use the finished photographs online (website and social media) for up to 1 year. Print media, and extended rights can be purchased separately at any time in the future. Photographs delivered in person on a custom USB device. Contact HERE for enquiries/quotes for your circumstances

Headshots- Starts at: £100, Typical: £200

Need a super high quality professional headshot for your business, online profile, or ID? Do it properly and conveniently with COG! I have a portable headshot setup that I can setup wherever you need. Starting at £100 for setup and 1 amazing edited photograph delivered digitally, typical shooting time 15 mins (genuine expressions need a little time). If you want a few different expressions/styles it's £50 per extra. So a normal headshot client may want 3 looks, that would be a £200, 45 min shooting time session. Prints can be purchased separately as per Portraiture sessions. Contact HERE for enquiries/quotes for your circumstances

Company or team headshots/portraits- Starts at: £100/hr

Need lots of headshots/same setup portraits doing in one session, this is much more economical than regular headshot pricing for groups. For £100/hr I can set up my headshot gear in your space (spare room of your offices for eg) and take your team in one at a time spending 5-15 mins on each one to get a cohesive professional library of headshots for them all. If you have a 50 person team who all need a high key headshot, I could do around 6 an hour, totalling 8 hours and £800. Editing included. So rather than £100 per person, that's just £16 each. Contact HERE for enquiries/quotes for your circumstances

Event coverage- Starts at: £50/hr

Nightclubs, parties, competitions, whatever it is I can shoot it from £50/hr including editing. Contact HERE for enquiries/quotes for your circumstances

Property/Estate Agents- Starts at: £50/hr, Typical: £100 per property

Here's a big opportunity for you to make some money, the amount it costs to have a creative professional photographer come and shoot a property is a tiny fraction of the extra revenue you can generate from the sale. I can accommodate varying budgets to match the needs of varying properties, including a very intensive optional service for blowing potential buyers away and securing the sale. Contact HERE for enquiries/quotes for your circumstances

Small Products- Starts at: £100, Typical: £250

I shoot professional commercial photographs of small products. I can pick up and deliver the products from/to your businesses location and shoot in my studio, or come and setup in your space and shoot there. Setup cost of £100 including the first photograph, for additional shots in the same lighting setup (different similar products or angles) £10, each new lighting setup or composition £20 (for very different items that require a set rearrangement). Example: 3 angles on 10 pairs of shoes (30 shots same lighting) and 1 angle on 10 bracelets (setup change and 10 shots with same lighting) would cost £520 and take around 3 hours shooting, and 6 hours editing. Delivery of digital files via custom USB drive for totals over £500, online service delivery for totals under. Prints are optional extras. Contact HERE for enquiries/quotes for your circumstances